Flex Trim Wishes Every a Happy Thanksgiving 2021

Thanksgiving 2021 is here. This is one of the most awaited holidays of the year for most of us in the US. It is the time to reconnect with your family and friends around the dinner table with the ravishing aroma of stuffed turkey, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and other delicacies filling the air. It hasn’t been exactly a good year for most of us, but it is the time to reflect on how grateful we must be as we are able to spend good times with our loved ones in person or virtually this year.


Going a step ahead we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to everyone who has stood by us during these challenging times. From a humble beginning in 1995 to the year 2021, our journey was full of challenges, but it was your support that has helped us become one of the leading molding manufacturers in the world. Like any other business, the years 2020 and 2021 have been challenging for us. But we could easily navigate through these times by backing on the support and trust that our employees, clients, and well-wishers showered on us. Like any other year, our loyal clients have ordered from us this year too. They have also helped us find new business opportunities. As a result, we could keep our business going and are here finally to greet you during this holiday season.

Remember Thanksgiving is also the time to make a positive impact on the lives of people. This positive impact may mean sponsoring or gifting something or even small and kind gestures like giving a smile, calling a friend, and greeting people politely wherever you go. You never know all these acts of kindness that seem small can make a difference to someone who may be undergoing difficult times.

From all of us at Flextrim, we wish you all a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving 2021.

Flex Trim – The Leader in Flexible Polyurethane Molding

If your construction project includes curved features, indoors or out, which will require trim work, there is no need to dread finishing these areas. While such popular and attractive touches have been the bane of many builders in the past, creating elegant arches and curves might now be the easiest part of the job.  A strong and durable alternative to wood, flexible polyurethane molding can present the look and feel of real wood without its negative effects of degradation and deterioration.

If you would like to know more about flexible molding, then you need a company that has immense knowledge and experience in manufacturing this type of molding. Look no further than Flex Trim, the leading global molding manufacturer!

Flex Trim – The Leading Provider of Flexible Polyurethane Molding

Flex Trim is an amalgamation of four flexible molding giants – Flex Trim, Carter Mill-work, Ultra-Flex Molding, and Zago Flexible Molding. What sets Flex Trim apart from any other molding manufacturer is that we offer more than 50,000 profiles for customers to choose from.

Where other manufacturers may offer you one material option, we provide four different material formulations to meet specific customer needs.

  • Flex Trim®: This is our original flexible molding product. It is a unique polymer resin blend, and is the ideal solution for most standard flexible molding applications.
  • Ultra-Flex: This is a polyurethane compound with a cellular structure similar to wood. It is 40-50% lighter than other flexible moldings and is pre-primed to make painting and staining the pieces easier.
  • Zzz Flex®: This is state-of-the-art flexible molding technology and Flex Trim’s premium product. Zzz Flex® is an elastomer composite that is designed to create small intricate patterns and tight curvatures, and is perfect for cold weather climates.
  • Machinable S4S: This compound is designed to avoid having to tool up custom molding profiles. It can be easily cut with woodworking machinery as well as shapers, routers and molders.

Benefits of Choosing Flex Trim

Flex trim offers you advantages that no other company can provide.

  • We have two main facilities, in Provo, Utah, and Lexington, North Carolina, that are centrally located to support both the Western and Eastern regions. Both facilities also provides services in Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma.
  • Flexible molding costs MUCH less than comparable radius wood mill-work and it can be manufactured in far less time, with a standard production lead-time of one week or less.
  • All of our materials are VOC free.
  • Unlimited Custom Capabilities (we can replicate ANYTHING) – Great for historic restorations
  • Has the beauty of real wood (can be stained or painted) – Our molds will pick up the original grain of the wood that was provided by the customer.
  • Will not rot, swell, or deteriorate over time (Lifetime Warranty) – Can be used for INTERIOR and EXTERIOR applications

If you would like more information, please log onto our website http://www.flextrim.com/.

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