About Us-FlexTrim

About Us

Our company is a consolidation of three of the oldest, largest, and most well-respected names in the flexible moulding industry:  Flex Trim, Carter Millwork, and Ultra-Flex Moulding.  Our parent company, Carter Millwork, Inc., is a second-generation family owned business headquartered in Lexington, North Carolina.  We have a very “hands on” management team, with a conservative operating style. We carefully manage our growth and believe the worst mistake a company can make is to extend a promise to a customer (new or old) and be unable honor that commitment. Therefore, our goal is simple: we do not want to be the "biggest" flexible moulding supplier (although we are), just simply the "best."

Here is a short history of our company:

Feb. 1995 – Carter Millwork founded in Lexington, North Carolina by our parents, Ned & Sally Carter.
Jan. 2007 – Alan and Greg Carter purchased Carter Millwork from our parents.
Nov. 2008 – Acquired Flex Trim from HB&G Building Products and transferred all production to our North Carolina facility. Founded in 1985, Flex Trim was one of the oldest and largest flexible moulding manufacturers in the United States. A technology leader in our industry, Flex Trim introduced such innovations as Zzz Flex (see below) and Xtrulinear (spooled) moulding.
Jan. 2009 – Acquired Flexible Moulding International in Provo, Utah to provide a manufacturing presence in the Western United States. Renamed the company “Flex Trim West.”
Apr. 2012 – Acquired Ultra-Flex Moulding in Escondido, California and moved the production to our Provo, Utah facility. Founded in the 1960’s, Ultra-Flex was the original inventor of flexible moulding.

Flex Trim offers the largest selection of profiles (50,000) of any moulding manufacturer in the world. Unlike our competitors, who offer one material; Flex Trim provides our flexible moulding solutions in four material formulations to accommodate every application:

  1. Flex Trim® is our original flexible moulding product. It is a unique polymer resin blend and is the ideal solution for most standard flexible moulding applications. Although less expensive than Zzz Flex, Flex Trim exceeds the performance of competitors’ “high end” products.
  2. Zzz Flex® is our premium product and is state-of-the-art in flexible moulding technology. No other flexible moulding on the market is stronger, more durable or stains better than Zzz Flex. Zzz Flex is an elastomer composite developed for the most demanding and complex radius applications. It offers flexibility that is unsurpassed by any other flexible moulding and is the ideal solution for cold weather climates because it is more pliable. Use Zzz Flex for small intricate patterns and tight curvatures, or when only the best will do.
  3. Ultra-Flex is a syntactic polyurethane compound with a cellular composition structure similar to wood. One of the main advantages of this material is that it is 40-50% lighter than other flexible mouldings, yet it retains the necessary strength and durability that customers have come to expect. It is an ideal solution for very large moulding profiles. Unlike other flexible moulding materials, Ultra-Flex is pre-primed for superior painting and staining and is back sanded for better glue adhesion. It works great for both interior and exterior applications and has outstanding performance in cold and hot climates.
  4. Machinable S4S – Our Ultra-Flex compound can be machined with all conventional woodworking machinery and will not dull expensive carbide knives like other flexible products. It can be used with shapers, routers and molders to avoid the expense of custom tooling and is the ideal solution when only a small amount of straight footage is required.

Our flexible moulding products have been used on a variety of projects ranging from multi-million dollar homes to historic churches. Whether you require a simple piece of flexible shoe mold or hundreds of feet of radius crown, Flex Trim can meet your needs. When you want the best, call us – we are here to turn your special moulding requirements into reality.