Custom Quote

Custom Quotes

We have over 50,000 profiles available (and add more daily) but only about 9,000 of the profiles are on our website.  If you do not find the profile that you are looking for, please send us an accurate (to scale) drawing or tracing of your profile (with the Dimensions marked) along with your contact information. We will be happy to quote it and send it back to you.
In order to determine whether we already have a matching profile, please provide as much of the following information as possible:

  • Name of the company that supplied the original wood moulding and their profile name
  • Whether the wood is MDF, finger joint or clear
  • The species of wood that is being matched if applicable (for example, pine or oak)

If we do not have a match, we can easily replicate any profile (or ANY item) in to flex if you can send us two 7’ pcs of wood (or a single 13 ft piece if the piece is being stained) in order to make a 12 foot mold.  We do have the ability to make molds that are shorter or longer than 12 feet but that is our standard mold length.  Our molds will replicate the original grain of the wood (oak, mahogany, pine, etc.) EXACTLY and our material is paintable or stainable (you need to use a “gel” type stain if it is being stained).

For us to make a ten foot tool, you must supply us with eleven feet of the pattern to be reproduced. A twelve foot tool requires thirteen feet of pattern. Paint grade patterns may be shipped in two pieces, which allows them to go UPS ground or FEDEX ground, but stain grade patterns (such as oak) are usually shipped in one piece so that there is no “joint” in the middle of the piece.

You can fax the accurate drawing or tracing to us at 800-861-0737 or
email it to