Flexible Radius Molding is sold
nationwide through our network of
dealers and distributors.

Flex Trim flexible molding not only costs less, it also out-performs real wood.
There is none of the deterioration associated with real wood. There are virtually no
seams to crack, and it won't rot or swell. It has the beauty of real wood and can be painted or stained for the look and feel or real wood.

Flex Trim offers two kinds of flexible material — original Flex Trim, our standard grade of flexible molding, and Zzzz Flex, our new super-strong, super-durable flexible molding

Flex Trim accessories include Bull nose corner blocks, Plinth Blocks, Keystones and Rosettes in a variety of sizes and styles. Accessories are available in both Flex Trim and Zzzz Flex.

Corner Blocks
  Zzzz Flex   Flex Trim   Xtru Linear Lengths  
An upgrade from original Flex Trim, Zzzz Flex is perfect for those jobs that call for superior quality and flexibilty. Flex Trim makes the trim on curved surfaces easy to install at one-third the cost of curved wood mouldings. Xtru Linear Lengths offer the same outstanding quality as original Flex Trim, but in extended lengths of 50-500 ft.